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Heavenly Voices: The Legacy of Farinelli

A Film by Gino Pennacchi and Alessandro Scillitani. Narrated by Max Emanuel Cencic, Philippe Jaroussky, Ernesto Tomasini and others. Also featuring David Daniels, Andreas Scholl, Daniel Behle and many more.
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Heavenly Voices (DVD)

Heavenly Voices tells the story of the castrato phenomenon, and how the most gifted amongst these singers rose to international stardom. Names like Farinelli, Senesino, Caffarelli and Carestini come to mind, to name but the most famous ones, who enjoyed great popularity during the time of the great poet and librettist Metastasio and the opera seria.

Max Emanuel Cencic and Philippe Jaroussky, two of today´s singing stars, take us back in time and talk about operatic entertainment in the Baroque Age. This is illustrated by paintings and prints from the time as well as major performances of today. In this film, many countertenors are featured in famous roles and in interviews, amongst them Jochen Kowalski, Andreas Scholl, David Daniels, Daniel Behle and Valer Barna-Sabadus.

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Jaroussky / Cencic / Fagioli / Barna-Sabadus / Minenko / Behle
Concerto Köln / Diego Fasolis 

Leonardo Vinci 1696(?)-1730

Dramma per musica
Libretto by Pietro Metastasio
First performed at the Teatro delle Dame, Rome, 4 February 1730

Coro della Radiotelevisione svizzera, Lugano
Concerto Köln
Diego Fasolis condustor

      • Artaserse Philippe Jaroussky countertenor
        principe e poi re di Persia amico d’Arbace ed amante di Semira
      • Mandane Max Emanuel Cencic countertenor
        sorella di Artaserse ed amante d’Arbace
      • Artabano Daniel Behle tenor
        prefetto delle guardie reali, padre di Arbace e di Semira
      • Arbace Franco Fagioli countertenor
        amico d’Artaserse ed amante di Mandane
      • Semira Valer Barna-Sabadus countertenor
        sorella d’Arbace ed amante d’Artaserse
      • Megabise Yuriy Minenko countertenor
        generale dell’armi e confidente d’Artabano

CD 1

Act One 67:26

scena 3
8. Recitativo: Coraggio o miei pensieri (3:06)
(Artabano, Artserse)
scena 4
10. Recitativo: Qual vittima si svena!
(Artaserse, Megabise)
scena 5
Dove, principe, dove? (1:57)
(Semira, Artaserse)
11. Aria: Per piet, bell’idol mio (4:29)
scena 8
16. Recitativo: Ah Mandane… Artserse
(Artaserse, Mandane)
scena 9
Recitativo: Signore. Amico. (1:46)
(Artsbano, Artaserse, Mandane)
scena 10
17. Recitativo: Artaserse, respira (3:13)
(Semira, Artaserse, Mandane, Artabano)
scena 11
18. Recitativo: Arbace e il reo (1:18)
(Megabise, Artasrse, Semira, Arbace, Artabano)
19. Aria: Deh respirar lasciatemi (3:50)

CD 2

Act Two 65:46
scena 1
1. Recitativo: Dal carcere o custodi (1:11)
(Artaserse, Artabano)
2. Aria: Rendimi il caro amico (3:39)
scena 8
13. Recitativo: Mio re, chiedono a gara
(Megabise, Artaserse)
scena 9
Recitativo: Artaserse pieta
(Semira, Mandane, Artaserse)
scena 10
Recitativo: E vana la tua, la mia pieta (2:43)
(Artabano, Artaserse, Semira, Mandane)
scena 11
14. Recitativo: Tanto in odio alla Persia (3:08)
(Arbace, Artaserse, Artabano, Mandane)
scena 13
18. Recitativo: Quanto, amata Semira (0:19)
(Artaserse, Semira)
scena 14
20. Recitativo: Dell’ingrata Semira (0:50)
(Artaserse, Artabano)
21. Aria: Non conosco in tal momento (3:51)

CD 3

Act Three 54:36
scena 1
2. Recitativo: Arbace. Oh dei, che miro! (1:44)
(Artaserse, Arbace)
scena 2
4. Recitativo: Quella fronte sicura e quel sembiante (0:23)
5. Aria: Nuvoletta opposta al sole (2:43)
scena 8
16. Recitativo: A voi popoli io m’offro (1:11)
(Artaserse, Artabano)
17. Recitativo accompagnato: „Lucido dio per cui l’april fiorisce” (1:00)
scena 9
18. Recitativo: Al riparo signor
(Semira, Artaserse, Artabano)
scena 10
Ferma o germano (1:21)
(Mandance, Artaserse)
scena ultima
19. Ecco Arbace, o monarca, a’ piedi tuoi (1:40)
(Arbace, Artaserse, Mandane, Artabano)
21. Recitativo: Ferma; e veleno (3:58)
(Artabano, Artaserse, Arbace, Mandane, Semira)

Recording: Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal, Köln, 21-28 September 2011

(P) 2012 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Parnassus Arts Productions under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd/Virgin Classics
(C) 2012 EMI Records Ltd/Virgin Classics
50999 608692 5 Made in the EU
[Booklet, 190 s.; całość w kartonowym pudełku]

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